Lost all Data

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I just restored my Asus PC to get rid of damaging downloads.  My computer has been backed up on web storage since I bought it in 2011.  It started a new backup just a few days ago and I cannot find any of my precious data.  Can you help?

hi JoyPC,
could you contact our customer service staff for further assistance ?
thank u.

the same here
what can customer service do for me?

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Dear moises.jimenez,

Thank you for your message. We've replied your inquiry to your Gmail.

Please help us do some easy check listed in the email first. If the problem is not solved, please reply with the required information and our engineers will help you to resolve this issue ASAP.

Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.

I have just lost all my data, please help me!!!!!
I need it for class, and work, I don't want to faile this year because of a stupid mistake, please please help me, i don't know what to do

hi loubna.ellahet@ !

Thank you for your message. Our engineers have replied to you in the letter (case number CS20141207007). Our engineers will help you to look into this issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding.