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Hi do you plan to create direct link for file/folder.

By direct link mean that the file/folder is directly shown in the browser like a webpage not with a branding of asus webstorage around it.

For example if it's a link to a jpeg I would like to show directly the jpeg into the browser.


hi  moonpo,
we have transferred your idea to our Product Div to make our product optimize in the future.
Thanks for your suggestion : )

Eu quero listar um arquivo MP3 para baixar noutra rede de internet sem que o meu amigo mque vai baixar tenha acesso a minha conta webstorage!
É possível?

hi gilzinho.zzz,
First of all, we feel deeply sorry for can't answer you in your native language, Portuguese.
could you contact us in English?
Please accept our sincere apology for this inconvenience caused.

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Hello, you can now have direct links of the files?

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Hi aleapple17 !

Users can set files that have been successfully uploaded to ASUS WebStorage to be configured to 'Public Share'. Other users with the link to the shared file are able to access and download the file contents.

File sharing via webpage:
Login through ASUS WebStorage at and select any file you have uploaded. Look for the share setting icon to the right of the file and select 'Public Share' under Share mode. A link to the shared file will be automatically generated on the page. Simply share the link with your friends and they will be able to download the file with the link.