Sync with folder on Tablet

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I working with my Asus transformer everyday. But there are no way to sync the working files on the tablet with asus webstorage like it done on PC. Could you add this feature? You could set a specific folder with limit size.

hi  josephcheng,
we have transferred your idea to our Product Div to make our product optimize in the future.
Thanks for your suggestion : )

I also need this feature badly! Please keep me informed on the progress of this one!
Being able to set separate files as well as whole folders in MyCollection as 'offline available' in a user selected rootfolder on my Pad would be great!!!

just to check I understood this correctly. the request is to be able to synchronise Asus Webstorage with a specific folder on an Android tablet or phone? (including the option to choose a folder on an external SD card)

if so, then I fully support. I would very much like this feature as well

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Until today no feature is implemented to the client, use folder sync from play store. Anyway the only one that lack behind is asus WebStorage service for online storage