Why Have Forums, Never See Answers? JOKE!

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I've been on here a number of times reading questions other folks have posted who have the same issues I do trying to use this webstorage "cloud thing" and every question I click, it says the same thing:
"Great suggestion, maybe a feature we'll have available someday" or other VERY similar answers.

Look I know Asus is NOT Apple, I wanted a Android tablet that actually had help and support.
The ONLY place I can find any answers is to post on an online forum that's NOT SET UP OR RUN BY ASUS but has members who are the ONLY people who have ever answered a question about a tablet I have used a total of 20 hours since I bought it in December 2011.
NICE! I can't get the Bluetooth headset to work, my voice will NOT go through the Jawbone Era's speaker, The Jawbone Icon, The Sony PS3 Bluetooth headset or even mt Lenovo Ear buds with microphone.

How come no posting of where the accessories that work listed on any site run by Asus?? I have an Transformer Prime Eee Pad with the keyboard dock and am about to sell it for a Samsung or Motorola tablet because they reply to help emails I send.

I sent Asus tech support an elevated email when my device wouldn't turn on back on January 3rd 2012. today is April 29th 2012 and I have yet to get a response??

Is anyone else having this much trouble , IN THE USA ONLY, getting actual help, support or even a response from Asus regarding their tablet??

I could have returned it while there was still time to do so if I knew I would never have any of my emails replied to or if I knew this forum has only questions, no answers and no one monitoring it to let ASUS know, HEY WE NEED SOME HELP MINDING THE FORUMS, NO ONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS ANSWERED!

I'm so angry at my poor decision to buy a product with no ties to the United States and no help in the United States period!

Maybe my time is better served posting elsewhere to warn possible buyers that they can expect NO help unless maybe they get lucky and bought from a bricka and mortar store like Best Buy, in which case they have a whole different set of issues to deal with as Best Buy is one problematic store.

What a shame. I am Australian and after reading through different forums and questions and answers I have concluded the same as eringordon1998-

Asus staff employed to read forums and reply are not allowed to do so but instead must ask for us to email support even when people tell you they have already tried the e-mail route and Asus staff never replied.

Already obvious is the fact that e-mailing Asus is useless because Ausus staff either do not  know how to reply either because they don't know how to work e-mail program or they cannot understand any questions written in English or French so through lack of training cannot actually answer such questions.

It seems you know how to create a machine but cannot teach others how to use it.
Sales is money, support is not. Pity next machine will not be Asus if support stays this bad.

Et pour ma part, j' aimerai SURTOUT  avoir des forums en FRANCAIS , mais à priori
il ne faut pas rêver!...

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