All my files are gone, please help!!

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My 240GB of files are not available except for when searching for a particular file.

all my files were gone and removed from my computer. This service is not safe please tha notice that you all should have your own backups. Asus should inform clients immediatly.

even if the service is ended, asus shouldn't remove files or folders from our computer. Nevertheless this situation happened with me and I'm tottaly unsatisfied with service.

Yea, seems this service is really bad, and lost almost everyone's stuff. Stick to Google, or Onedrive(windows) as they will always put your stuff in the recycle bin, online, instead of just removing everything forever.

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Dear dustin:

thank you for your message. To specify the problem, we need your help to email us ( and provide more details of your problem:
1. Operational steps 2. Screenshot of the error message 3. The failure time (GMT+8) 4. O/S 5. WebStorage ID.

Once we receive your reply, our engineers will help you to look into the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding.