Co-operation on shared files

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I think this might be a little bit difficult. The idea is that after we upload something, say a note, I can share it to others on my contact list who has also a web storage account. Then he will be able to modify it on iPhone, and notify me automatically by the build-in notification of iPhone. This will be really great if you guys can make it true.

Mutual sharing is ultimate target for asus. I think it will make the app unbeatable if finally people can use this to share everyting on nomatter what device.

I have designated a "co-editor" however when the add or make an edit they cannot save it

Dear priebecounsel:

Hello, thank you for having us informed. To sort out the problem, please provide us the following info:
1. Operational steps
2. Screenshot of the error message
3. The about failure time (GMT+8)
4. The version of browser
5. The WebStorage ID you wish to join

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