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Hi, I've just begun using Asus Webstorage, 32GB free account included with my new laptop. First impression is that it does not work very well. I copied two files to my sync folder on the laptop and then went to another machine on my network and looked for the files using a browser by logging in to .... only one of the files shows so far. I went back to the laptop and one file has a green mark on the file icon, the other a blue mark. I know data is being uploaded but the webstorage app does not provide any realtime status information on what is actually going on.  The files are around 400 megabytes each. I know that upload is still in progress because I can see it on the network graph in win 8.1 task manager...

Its free so I'm using it, but I would not be willing to pay for this the way it is.

Hi! brianjacobs786~
Thank you for the message. To specify the problem, please check the following items to see if the sync process is completed.

1. Please confirm that you are using the latest version ASUS WebStorage program/app to the latest version (If not, please get it up-to-date)
2. Please make sure the target files is drag/put into “MySyncFolder”
3. Next, please make sure there are small green dots on the files in the MySyncfolder. (Green dots stand for successfully uploaded to the cloud)
4. Afterwards, you could check if the file on the cloud by logging on web (or WebStorage app).

If you have confirmed the above 4 items, but still cannot sync the file, please reply and provide us the following info:
1. LOG (Steps: right-click on the WebStorage icon on the toolbar >> Support >> Get Log files)
2. The O/S version, and the version of WebStorage program
3. The WebStorage ID
4. Please provide us 1-2 file's info [including the name, filename, and size] which you cannot sync
5. The failure time (GMT+8)
6. The screenshot of error message

Please email us to
Once we receive your reply, our engineers will help you to sort out the problem A.S.A. P and positively contact you.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.